Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza Game Review

February 18, 2022

Welcome to the Burnt Toast Board Game Podcast – Just the Crusts Edition!

Today we give you a quick and easy review of Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza! This is a cute, exciting and fun game to play that will leave you laughing and having a great time.

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Zach (Z): What’s up, everybody? Welcome back to the Burnt Toast board Game podcast, Just the Crust Edition. I don’t know if I’m sticking with that, but I’m trying to. 

Jeremy (J): What did you say, Crust? 

Z: Just the Crust Edition. I said two weeks weeks ago or three weeks ago that we were changing it to where we were only posting a podcast every other week. But we came up with an idea to kind of meet the in between week. We’re doing a shorter podcast. 

We’re not going to talk about so much what’s going on in our week. At the end of the podcast, we’re just going to do quick podcasts about quick games in the sense that we’re going to talk about games that you can set up and play with your friends and family in hopefully under a minute, maybe five minutes tops. Five minutes seems like a bit much. 

But, we’re going to be every other week compared to our normal regular full length podcast, we’re going to do a quick, shorter podcast, which maybe we’ll call it the Crust Edition. We’ll see if it sticks. But I’m here. Tim. 

Tim (T): Hey, 

Z: Jeremy. 

J: Hey, Zach 

Z: and David. 

David (D): Hey, I’m a squirrel.

Z: And I’m Zach. Today we are talking about a wonderful game called Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza. That might sound like a mouthful. It might sound like a delicious or disgusting pizza, but it’s a fun little game.

T: Everything but Cat.

Z: You never know. I bet it tastes like chicken. 

T: I’ve had every pizza on that list except for the cat. 

Z: You’ve had a Taco pizza? 

T: Yeah. 

Z: You’ve got a goat pizza? 

T: You never had goat cheese. 

J: Goat cheese. 

T: I guess I was going with goat cheese. 

Z: anyway! So in Tacocat Goat Cheese Pizza, it was created by Dave Campbell and it is published by Dolphin Hat Games and Blue Orange Games. It is a card party game, real time kind of actiony game. 

It’s got cute little pictures in the game. It’s much like a card game I played as a kid where you flip playing cards and you slap on doubles and Kings and Jacks, things like that. 

But in the game the cards are made up of and they have pictures of tacos, cats, goat cheeses and pizzas on it. And what you do is everybody gets dealt out all the cards. And one at a time, whoever starts, they flip over a card and whoever’s starting around, they start at Taco. And as they flip the card, they say Taco. The next person says cat, goat cheese pizza, and so on. 

If at any point the card that is flip matches the word that is said by the person who laid it, you slap the cards and the last person to slap the cards takes the pile. 

The way you win the game is to get rid of all your cards. 

Now, slapping is very serious. If you flinch like you thought it was a card that you need to slap on. But you didn’t and you flinched. You still take all the cards. 

And then finally there are three special cards in the whole game. There is a Groundhog, which if the Groundhog comes, you have to wrap on the table with your knuckles, then slap. 

If a gorilla flips over, you got to pound your chest, then slap nice. 

And then if it’s a Narwhal, you have to make a Horn with your hands above your head, then slap. 

And that is pretty much the rules of the game. And every time someone picks up a pile of cards, you start again. And when every time you start, you start at Taco again. 

J: And if you’re the last one to slap, you have to take all the cards. 

Z: You take all the cards. And that’s pretty much it. It’s that simple. We just played two rounds of it. Took us maybe 20 minutes tops, if that. I’ve played this for Christmas is where we got this game. I played it with some friends probably about six months ago and really enjoyed it. And my kids love it. It says on the box that it’s designed for kids eight and up. Board game geek says suggests six and up. And that really makes sense because my daughter is six because my youngest is five, almost six now, and she loves it. They play it. They think it’s so funny, but yeah, so that’s Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza. What do you guys think of the game? 

J: My hand is sore, but yeah, it was a really fun game. I think you laugh a lot, too. You mentioned you’re starting to get that laughing headache just because everybody’s…  

T: making it go really fast. 

Z: The humor, it comes when the funny cards come up because you could see everybody recognize the card and then mentally and physically, then work through, okay, what are the motions I’m supposed to do for this? Because so many times it’s like, oh, gorilla wrap on the table, no pile of my chest. And then slap. And then everybody laughs because you’re making a fool of yourself all the same time. 

J: Yelling the whole time. 

D: Sometimes it’s a race between Tim and I to see who can go the slowest to slap the pile. 

T: We would look at it and we’re like, okay, those two slaps. Now what do we do? 

Z: Experiences might vary. I guess I could say no. It’s a game that brings a lot of we were definitely hitting on the table, slapping on the table with enough force that our hands hurt. 

T: Oh, man, my ankle is hurting. 

J: It’s still hot right now. Yeah. 

Z: So warning, don’t be careful with the slamming or play on a pillow. Maybe.  

T: I was thinking about getting like a hand towel to knuckle on.

Z: Yeah. 

T: Because you just do it so much force without even thinking because you just want to be fast and you’re like, ow. And then you slap someone else’s hand and you realize, I still lost yeah. 

Z: I like the game. I think the arts cute. It’s a really fun, childish kid style looking. Maybe Chibi. Is that the term Chibi art? Maybe cartoony. 

T: It’s clever because I mean, the cheese looks like the pizzas 

Z:  and they design it to where the pictures, some of the pictures, they change the colors of them or things like that. And so there is one where we almost all messed up, where it was cheese, but the person had flipped a pizza card, but it generally was the look of the cheese. But they just outlined it to be the pizza instead. So they do intentionally. Kind of tricky sometimes to make probably to cause you to do the flinching and mess you up and things like that. 

J: Which I did a lot of in the second round. 

Z: Yeah. I also like this game because it’s simple. Well, that’s the whole point of the crust only addition is literally you could pull it out, shuffle it, deal it and play in no matter. And you can take it anywhere. We were talking about the previous in our previous podcast. It’s an easy camp game. It could go anywhere. You can play it anywhere. 

T: Teach anyone within… 

Z: it’s not quiet. I guess you should say, 

T: David, I think I had never played before. We just played. 

J: I think it was easier than the mind. I mean, the mind is really easy, but some people don’t get it. 

D: I think I’ve actually heard the Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza for quite a while. So I sort of already had that order in my mind so that I could not have to refer back to the back of the cards in front of me. 

Z: Yeah 

T: I did. Which also led me to because I’m like thinking, okay, he’s going to say Taco. Okay, what am I? And then all of a sudden and then you’re like, way, why did you buy a lap? Then I’m like, oh, and I still throw my card. 

Z: Yeah. 

T: I don’t think I’ll ever win that game. But it’s just a lot of fun. 

Z: It is a lot of fun. Yes. If you want to have an afternoon of chaos and laughter with your kids or your family, try it out. 

T: Yeah. It’s definitely a good family game. A good everyone game. 

Z: Deal. I was going to say, is there anything we don’t like about it? We didn’t like that we pounded the table so hard, but that’s really about it. That’s our own choice over the card game. 

J: Different table. 

Z: With that, we’re going to go to our list. We’re going to change it up for the cross only edition. We are going to have a separate list that we’re going to get up on our website that we’re going to call party games list. Or we don’t know if that’s the perfect name that we’re going to call it, but it’s going to be our list of games that are quick to set up and play and just have fun with. 

We’re going to steal a couple of games from our current big list master list to kind of at least get that list populated. So currently, number one, we have the mind. Number two, we have cover the cover your assets. And number three, we have control CTRL. For that list, where would you put Taco Cat Go cheese pizza in the list?

T: Probably second, second after the Mind. 

Z: Not in the master list. Yeah, I think so. It’s just this list. It’s not on the website yet, which will be. 

J: For the quick games for me. I would put it number one. 

Z: You put it above mine. 


T: I might be too, because I think…

J: it’s fun to laugh at people, including me. 

T: No, I totally get it. And I had just as much fun making fun of myself not slapping. 

J: Yeah. 

T: I had no problem with that. Yes. Because I think it would be quicker and easier than the mind.

J: You could play it with anybody, I think. 

T: Yeah. Sit down with anybody. 

Z: See, I like it under the mind, but that’s because I like the mind better because I like the strategy of the mind that you have to put in there. 

T: Yeah. 

Z: David, where would you put it? Do you need the list again? 

D: I’ll put it after the mind. 

Z: After the mind, 

D: because I will probably never win. 

Z: But I get that. 

D: I don’t know. 

Z: So that puts it in the same situation previously where it’s going to be tied.

T: You just got to pick your audience better. 

D: Yeah. 

T: Invite me and like two year olds. 

D: Yeah. Two year olds.

Z: Don’t play with my son Lincoln. 

T: Okay. I was going to say my son would probably be ridiculously faster in those things.

Z: I think it’s similar to what we just did with tiny towns on a previous episode. It ties it to where it’s now tied with the mind because it’s 1122. So do we put it here? 

T: Let’s play for it. 

Z: You understand it’s rock, paper, scissors. Yeah. Okay. So if I win, it goes to number two. If you win, it goes to number one. 

T: Yes. Okay. Rock, paper, scissor. 

Z: Okay. 

J: Number one

Z: You got to put it at number one. So Taco Cat Goat got to spell this all out. Cheese pizza is going to number one for our party games list. Number two will be the mind. Number three, cover your assets. Number four, control. Any other thoughts on that? We’ll go with that. 

T: Yeah. 

Z: Soon we’ll have it up on our website and you can see our party games list as well at TheBurntToastPodcast.com. If you want to know more and engage with us. If you’ve played Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza and you want to send us a picture or tell us what you think, you can go to our Twitter @BurntToast_Pod or on Instagram @BurnToastPodcast or you can contact us through our website, which is TheBurntToastpodcast.com and that’s it short episode. Short and sweet. Have a great week. 

J: Good talking base. 

Z: But until next time. 

J: Good talking bass. 

Z: There we go. 

T: You should shorten. That. Good. Top. Good base. Good base. Good base.